Ethiopian Quiz

I was scanning my news feeds this morning and ran across this headline: Ethiopia detains and quizzes U.S. journalists.  Interesting.  I haven’t read the article, and will, of course, but I am trying to imagine what questions the Ethiopians might pose and wonder whether the journalists are up to the task. I am no expert on Ethiopian history and as I’m writing this, I have done no research on the country. I haven’t Googled anything or looked up interesting facts on the African country, but I know enough to compose a quiz, one in which I doubt few Americans could answer without the assistance of Google, or Wikipedia.

Here’s my quiz.  I would hope that the detained journalist could answer at least the first few questions.  If they can’t, perhaps their detention could be understood, although for the record, I am against restrictions on speech and the press and would urge the Ethiopian government to free the journalists.

1.  What is the capital of Ethiopia?

2.  What is the main language of Ethiopia?

3.  What is Ethiopia’s major export?

4.  Name one Ethiopian album?

5.  Which European country occupied and oppressed Ethiopia?

6.  What is the name of the bread which accompanies many Ethiopian dishes?

7.  Ethiopia feuds with which bordering country?

5-7 – Good

3-4 – Fair

0-2 – Sad

Answer Key:

1.  Addis Ababa 2. Amharic 3. coffee 4. Ethiopiques 5. Italy 6. Injera 7. Eritrea


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