Patriotic Bachmann Renounces Suisse Citizenship

Michele Bachmann is so loyal to the constitution that she renounced her citizenship; her Swiss citizenship that is.  Her husband’s parents are Swiss, which entitled her to dual citizenship.  She claims some children in her family wanted to become dual citizens.  Actually, being a Swiss citizen would have enabled her to run for public office.  I’m not sure she speaks a language other than Middle Western English, which is not one of the official languages of Switzerland as far as I know.  Switzerland is the country with CH stickers on its cars – which by the way stands for Confederation Helvetica – and the country beloved for its cows, chocolate and banks.  Were she to be elected, my guess is that she’d promote pink slime, try to privatize the health care system and  make English the official language.

It is strange that she would want to be associated with Switzerland, one of  those “socialist style” European countries.  Switzerland has near universal health care with an individual mandate.  For the Swiss, Bachmann’s pursuit of citizenship and quick renouncement was all a bit of a joke.  As reported in the Atlantic, one Swiss commenter said, “we have enough loonies in our country already”.  The article went on to say that the Swiss felt she might have gotten on well with the far right People’s Party, known for its xenophobia.

Unfortunately, it looks like Michele Bachmann is here to stay in the good ‘ole US of A as a rabid member of the Grand Old Tea Party of NO.


5 Responses

  1. Damn! I was hoping we could get rid of her.

  2. Why do you continue to torture me…why? First SP and now MB..all in one week. The next story better be about these (2) taking a one way journey to the moon with Newt.

  3. Apparently, the Swiss are relieved.

  4. I had to weigh in on the BP Swiss connection – it was almost too bizarre to be true – I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

  5. Hahahaha…I know, I know. Ugh, just when I think they’re gone they surface again..sort of like Jason from those Friday the 13th movies.

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