Oh the things bloggers do

On a slow day, check spam for comments.  Some of them are refreshingly insightful, and comical, though not always coherent.  I’m tempted to approve some of the comments except that I’m unwilling to promote a Russian website pitching online college essays or an Indonesian outfit selling Italian real estate.  I think most of us pride ourselves on being commercial free save for the occasional ad posted by WordPress, as a condition for free blogging space.

Blog. Publish. Edit.  I don’t know if it works this way for you, but I’ll blog, edit lightly, publish and read the post again only after another blogger likes it, comments or there’s some evidence of a post hit.  Invariably after the post has been read by others, I’ll find mistakes in the post and go back and edit.  I almost want to respond to comments by saying that I know I made a mistake – that I dangled the participle for effect, or that somehow WordPress published a previously unedited version of the post.   And it is true that my cat sometimes walks across the keyboard.

Upon hitting Publish, say to yourself, good god, no one is going to read that and be shocked when people actually do.  I wrote one post called Greatest American Football Names of All Time.  It was kind of a joke and I got carried away and felt like if anyone got to the post, they’d read the first paragraph and say this is crap.  Interestingly, most of the hits came from the UK and Australia from readers who must have thought the post was about what we call soccer in the U.S.  I even changed the title from Football to American Football, but it still attracts or misleads on a global scale. I really don’t think there are too many Europeans interested in great NFL American football player names.  I could be wrong.

And another inexplicably widely read post was a review of a famous Bengali novel. It was a masterpiece, the novel, not the post , but curiously, though thousands have read the post, it has yet to attract a single comment or like.  Same is true of the football post.  Something doesn’t add up.

Think of a great topic for a blog post and then forget what is was.  I have all these “brilliant” ideas when driving, while taking a shower or in dreams – these are the freshly pressed ideas that I know will bring the blog instant fame, and then as quickly as I think of them, they’re gone.  I need a waterproof whiteboard in the shower, and a digital recorder built into my car’s audio system or maybe just some kind of brain app to download all my flashes of brilliance.  Until then, Ribbie’s will be just another WordPress weblog.

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  1. Shower/Vessel of Knowledge…I also need a waterproof white board! As soon as I’m out all that good stuff is gone…damit!

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