Space Is the Place for Cars of the 60’s

Rachel Veitch, a 93 year old woman from Florida, finally retired but she didn’t give up her job, she gave up driving, and good thing because she’s legally blind.  Not to discriminate, but one could make a compelling case that 90 year olds have no business driving. But of course, giving up driving is not an easy thing to do for folks who have been driving for half a century.  It is tantamount to giving up their freedom.  But this 93 year old woman gave up something that few can claim – a car with over 500,000 miles.  And not just any car, but a car that few under 40 will even remember or have heard of before – a 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente!  Sweet!!

Isn’t it interesting that automakers in the 60’s came out with car names connected to space exploration? The space race between the Soviets and the U.S. was in full bloom, producing such cars as the above Mercury Comet, the Chevrolet Nova and Vega, the venerable Plymouth Satellite and the solid Ford Galaxie, Andy Griffith’s squad car from the Andy Griffith Show, one of my favorite shows of all time.  Space Is The Place.


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