Toys for the GOP

Now we know that Mitt Romney favors the Etch A Sketch, which is the perfect toy for a resetting flip flopper.  I think each candidate should adopt a toy or game and I have some suggestions.

Newt Gingrich.  Clearly a YoYo is a good choice, because he’s a bit of one and so up and down in the polls, more down lately, possibly because he doesn’t know how to straighten the tangled string from his around the world and to the moon maneuver that he attempted a while back.

Rick Santorum.  Pink Slime.  Wait, that’s not a toy, I mean Silly Putty, which describes some, no, most of his ideas.  Actually,  Silly Putty could be the GOP theme toy.  His ideas are not only silly, but down right creepy.  I can see his team baking up a batch of Creepy Crawlers.  Remember those?  And finally, Angry Birds could come out with a Rick Santorum addition.  He does seem pissed off most of the time.

Ron Paul.  Battling Tops comes to mind.  As  a top, he spins and spins and spins and seemingly won’t go down.  Those tops had names too and I think he’d either be Smarty Smitty or Dizzy Dan.


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