Sweet 16 Roster Facts

Ohio State has two players from Cincinnati. Ohio has two players from Columbus. Cincinnati only has two players on their roster from Ohio, both from Cincinnati.  Xavier also only has two players from Ohio, one from Cincinnati.

Both Cincinnati and Louisville have a player from Dakar, Senegal.

Baylor has 6 players from Texas.   North Carolina has 8 players from North Carolina.  Indiana has 9 home grown players, more than any other team. NC State has 3 international players. Kansas has more players from CA (4) than KS (2).

The tallest player is NC State’s 7-1 Jordan Vandenberg.  The shortest player is Florida’s 5-8 Irving Walker.

There are 16 players under 6 feet.  6 teams have no player under 6 feet:  Cincinnati, Marquette, Xavier, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan State.  Ohio has two of the shortest players, both 5-9.  North Carolina has two of the tallest players in the tournament: at 6-11 and 7-0.

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