2012 Sweet 16 Mascot Matchups

In the South Region:

Kentucky Wildcats v. Indiana Hoosiers.  Easy.  A enterprising frontiersman or woman Hoosier could easily tame a wildcat.

Baylor Bears v. Xavier Musketeers.  Another easy call.  Key root here is musket. As much as I like Baylor, I like an underdog with an advantage even more.

West Region

Louisville Cardinals v. Michigan State Spartans.  Spartans were great fighters, but not very good small game hunters.  Cardinals are related to the crow family and are loud and mocking, which should drive the Spartans mad.  A mascot upset special.

Flordia Gators v. Marquette Golden Eagles.  Gators can’t fly and don’t feed on eagles as far as I know, so the advantage would have to go to the elusive and majestic over the prehistoric.

East Region

Cincinnati Bearcats v. Ohio State Buckeyes.  A ‘buckeye is a nut. A bearcat is one heck of a weird animal that is neither a bear nor a cat.  Advantage goes to weird animal. Too bad the Buckeyes aren’t going up against the Syracuse Oranges.

Syracuse Orange v. Wisconsin Badgers.  Badgers are simply badass and will pulverize an orange.


Michigan Wolverines v. North Carolina Tarheels.  A wolverine is a weasel and could be easily caught and stomped on by a tarheel.  This one is no contest.

Kansas Jayhawks v. North Carolina State Wolfpack.  A pack of wolves.  I’ll take claws and teeth over a beak.

And there you have it.  Some high seeds are going down!

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