Strange but Fun Sweet 16 March Madness Facts

Here are the seedings of the teams that made it to the Sweet 16:

#1 – 4

#2 – 2

#3 – 2

#4 – 3

#6 – 1

#7 – 1

#10 – 1

#11 – 1

#13 – 1

There are 7 states left: Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Kansas, and 3 cities: Cincinnati, Syracuse and Louisville.

There could be a Final Four matching city and state:  Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky.

The lowest seed totals of teams facing off in the Sweet 16 is 13.  Baylor (3) v. Xavier (10) and NC State (11) v. Kansas (2)

There will be a city-state match up in the East: Cincinnati v. Ohio State.

Of the 7 schools named after their state, 3 share borders: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana.

There are three birds left in the tournament: Louisville Cardinals, Kansas Jayhawks and the Marquette Golden Eagles.

A fruit, Syracuse Orange, and a nut, Ohio State Buckeyes, remain.

All teams with dogs for mascots are out of the tournament. Two cats remain: Kentucky Wildcats and Ohio Bobcats.  By the way, a Cincinnati Bearcat is neither a dog nor a cat.

Happy Sweet 16!


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