Fun March Madness Facts and Musings

Of the 19 teams named after a state (not counting teams with a state name followed by state, for example New Mexico counts but not New Mexico State) only 9 teams remain:

Kentucky, Indiana and Colorado in the South Region

New Mexico, Florida in the West Region

Wisconsin in the East Region

North Carolina, Ohio and Kansas in the Midwest Region

There is a possibility of bordering states reaching the Final Four: Ohio-Indiana or Ohio-Kentucky.

Wisconsin teams have yet to lose a game.  Marquette and Wisconsin.

The last two national champs, Connecticut and Duke are out of the tournament. The runner up the last two years, Butler, didn’t even make the tournament.  Of the Final Four teams from 2011, after VCU’s loss to Indiana, only 1 remains: Kentucky.

There are just 4 teams named after cities left in the tournament:

Cincinnati and Syracuse in the East Region

St. Louis and Louisville in the West Region

An intriguing Final 4 would be Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Of the 5 NC teams, only two remain: NC and NC State

None of the 4 California teams advanced to the Sweet 16.

The 4 Ohio teams are undefeated, but only 1 has advanced to the Sweet 16.  3 Ohio teams play today for the right to join Ohio State. It is possible that 3 of the 4 Ohio teams could reach the Final Four:  Lehigh, Ohio, and either Ohio State or Cincinnati.

Playing in Greensboro, North Carolina has a decisive and arguably unfair advantage over Creighton.


2 Responses

  1. You did a great job with these!

    Here’s one more: If Florida, FSU and USF all win today, it would be the first time in history that three teams from Florida made it to the Sweet 16.

  2. Sweet, I did not know that. Not sure about South Florida and Florida State’s chances, but I do believe Florida has a shot at the Final Four and predict they hit Kentucky again in an all SEC semifinal.

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