Fun March Madness News After 1st Round of 2nd Round

After the first round of March Madness games, I mean the “second round” – I guess those play in games constitute the first round – there were not many surprises and only 1 “upset” where a lower seed beat a higher seed.  Here’s what happened with the first round of second round games:

VCU a 12 seed beat Wichita State, a 5 seed – the only upset, but not much of a “Shocker” given that VCU was in the Final Four last year.

Two of the teams with the least imposing mascots lost on Thursday night – Wichita State Shockers (a stalk of wheat) and the South Dakota State Jackrabbits.

It what some are calling an upset, defending champs 9th seeded U Conn lost to the 8th seed, Iowa State.

So the Shockers lost, but the Cyclones prevailed.

In other developments:

The tourney started with 31 states represented.  Only 23 states are left standing.  The one and out states are CT, MA, MD, MT, NV, SD, UT, WV.

Here are the mascots that fell in 2nd round play:  2 cats – BYU Cougars and the Davidson Wildcats; 3 dogs: Connecticut Huskies, Loyola Greyhounds, UNC-Asheville Bulldogs; Western Kentucky Hilltoppers and West Virginia Mountaineers and the UNLV Running Rebels; a piece of wheat, in Wichita State; a color – Harvard Crimson; A bear – Montana Grizzles and a Golden Eagle – Southern Mississippi.

Only one mascot named after a color remains, the Syracuse Orange, a team nearly beaten by a 16th seed.

Interestingly, many consider the orange a fruit and it is possible that down the road, a piece of fruit in Syracuse could face a nut, in the Ohio State Buckeyes in the East Regional final.  Now that’s a game I don’t want to miss.




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