The GOP Has a Losing Message

As long as Republicans have control of a losing message courtesy of the far right and their Tea Party conspirators, President Obama has no need to campaign.  The President is also helped by the fact that the GOP has put up the weakest candidates in perhaps the history of presidential campaigns.  The original field was a joke, with the likes of Guv Rick Perry, the man who would put aviation assets on the ground to control the border and who encourages young people to vote when they turn 21.  And Pizza Guy Herman Cain who quoted Pokemon during his farewell address, and espoused the plan 999, like it was the prefix for a pizza takeout number.  One must not forget Michele Bachmann, or maybe one should, the Senator from Minnesota who lost badly in her home state of Iowa, and was around for too long pandering to the Tea Party.  And there were others and some still in it but with no chance like fig Newton “rich” Gingrich and Ron Paul, the man with two first names who has successfully passed 1 bill in his many years in Congress.   The two guys left standing are Rick Santorum, the former Senator from PA, the anti-birth control, anti-sex for any other purpose than to procreate activist who has surprisingly gained momentum among the GOP faithful, and catchers Mitt Romney, who stands tall for corporations and little else.

The candidates have tried to pounce on the President’s requirement that religious employers provide access to birth control.  They’ve called it an all out assault on religious freedom, the same folks who are dying to get Creationism taught alongside Evolution and would have praying as a regular school activity.   Their platform to date has been one based on attacking immigrants, the poor, the unemployed, gays, the middle class and women.   And it is they who attack religious freedom by insisting that there be no separation between church and state.

GOP, you have a losing message.  You are out of touch with “We the People” and with me, Ribbie the blogger.

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