Bare Trees

I’ve been a little concerned about the two dead poplar trees in my backyard. I’ve been debating on what to do with them – whether to cut them down or just leave them be. I worry that the dead trees might carry some disease that could spread to other trees. Cutting them down might save the other trees, but could also wreak havoc on the natural habitat of wildlife, who don’t seem to mind or care about the health of the trees. Woodpeckers might even prefer they be dead. Obviously, I’d rather they be healthy, but there is one advantage to a dead tree – it doesn’t shed leaves. No raking! And that’s alright by me.

And my bare trees remind me of one of my favorite albums of the 70’s by the same name – The Fleetwood Mac 1972 classic,  Bare Trees. I’m a Spotify user, the website that streams music with a catalog of millions of songs, many millions more than Pandora. You can find virtually any song or album you’ve ever loved and new music that’s just been released. But one thing you can’t find is the album Bare Trees, or the song, Bare Trees.  It’s as if the album had been cut down or something. I don’t understand why it is not available while most of the other Fleetwood Mac albums are.  What a great album with some memorable songs including Sentimental Lady, a song written by Bob Welch that incidentally is available on Spotify under his name, not Fleetwood Mac’s.

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