Rick “P Guv.” Perry Keeps It Simple

Presidential candidate Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, looks, sounds and acts like another former Governor of Texas and President, GW, also known as just plain W, a man I often call Bush the Younger. Like W, Perry, or P for short, no, P. Guv., that’s it – P. Guv. has taken to the idea of privatizing social security which he calls a Ponzi scheme, as if Wall Street could and should be trusted with our retirement money. He was saying that Americans ought to take responsibility for their retirement – but I ask how can we invest responsibly when investment bankers and fund managers are not regulated? Without proper regulation, they essentially have a license to swindle the American people.

P. Guv. called the federal government a “nanny”, suggesting almost that we don’t need government doing things for us. How can we act responsibly if the government does not have our backs. After all, don’t we rely on the government to protect us from scams, from tainted food, from air pollution? Don’t we look to the government to ensure our Constitutional rights, and to protect our basic freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights? Isn’t this a good thing?

As to taxes, I believe that all residents should pay taxes, but not the same taxes, as P. Guv. suggests. The flat tax would be an absolute disaster and give yet more tax relief to those who have not been paying their fair share. Not one for big ideas, P. Guv. is banking on simplicity – a simple tax code and a simple dismantling of government to benefit corporate America. Profit over people – a very simple message indeed.

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