President Obama Wins Republican Debate

I watched the last Republican debate in Las Vegas and came to the conclusion that if any one of those jokers gets elected, we are going to be in a whole heap of trouble as a nation.

Moderator Anderson Cooper lost control very early in the debate when Rick Perry and Mitt Romney nearly had a fist fight as Perry accused Romney of hiring “illegals” to mow his lawn. It was one of those childish “did not”, “did so” moments that nearly escalated to a wrestling match. Why do they keep picking on the undocumented? Rick Perry who I thought was pro immigrant, is no different from the others and is just pandering to the lunatic fringe on the right. Not to be outmatched, Michelle Bachmann promised to build a fence or wall (I guess like the Berlin Wall) to separate the South from the North. Herman Cain had been talking about an electrified fence, but if I’m not mistaken, and I could be, he’s since backed off that idea. His 999 plan, just flip it and that’s about what this country would become – a living hell. Now Perry has come out with his version of 999 – a regressive flat tax. Good Lord.

Newt Gingrich seemed half asleep. Radical Ron Paul whined. Santorum had some fiery responses but is polling at like 1% or something and has no shot at the nomination. Cain hardly spoke and when he did he made very little sense but sounded confident. Romney got flustered and seemed distracted by all the negative attention. It was good theater and comedy, almost like an SNL skit. Maybe it was. The clear winner was not even in the debate: President Obama.

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