Something About Idaho

Idaho.  What about it?  Well, I’ve never been there.  I don’t know too much about the place except that it produces a lot of spuds, maybe more than any other state.  And I know that it’s a white state and a red one too.  It was one of 16 states carried by the Republicans in the last 4 Presidential elections.  A little research revealed that Idaho was the birthplace of the poet Ezra Pound and home to Harmon Killebrew, the baseball Hall of Famer and skier Picabo Street.  Ketchum, Idaho was where Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in 1961.

Idaho.  Well, I do know a little about Boise State football.  Practically the entire athletic department was put on some kind of severe NCAA probation for all kinds of recruiting violations.  I was wondering how it was possible for a relatively obscure program to become a powerhouse.  Idaho.  Who’d want to go there?  That is to say, which big time athlete would want to go to Idaho when they could go to a tropical paradise like Miami, or Southern California or to a school with a big time football league. What scholar athlete would chose a school in Idaho over one of the elite liberal arts schools known for academics and sports? Not that Idaho doesn’t have good schools.  And I have absolutely nothing against state universities being a product of one myself, not one in  Idaho but in another relatively obscure state.  I think it’d take a little more to entice a recruit than fresh air, a school t-shirt or that it was the place where Ernest Hemingway chose to end his life.

I rarely think about Idaho, except when I think of the B52’s Private Idaho or when Idaho happens to make the national news, something that does not happen everyday but did  the other day.  Turns out that Idaho has the slowest download speeds in the country.  If I were a prospective student, that’d be a definite downer.  I was wondering how this could be?  I was thinking there must be something about the state other than it’s rural nature, and all the mountains and the fact that it is sparsely populated that accounts for this.  Something other than the fact that it would cost tons of money to lay all the cable necessary to provide a high speed network.  You know what I think?  I think it has to do with the very nature of the place.  Potatoes.  It must be…that, and rainbow trout.  There has to be a connection.  Is it possible that in combination, trout and spuds generate a negative magnetic reverse polarity that slows data down backing things up,  kind of like a septic tank in need of RID-X? It must be this!  Maybe, just maybe, RID-X is the solution.

2 Responses

  1. The cost of laying cable could have something to do with the extremely rocky ground. These days companies might be better off looking for buried gold while their laying lines here in the Gem State!

  2. I didn’t know Idaho was the “Gem State”. I’m from the “Natural State” myself.

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