Congress Can’t Pass On Obama’s Jobs Bill

Congress has no other option than to pass most of Obama’s Jobs bill.  As CNN reports, there are some mutually acceptable ideas  in Obama’s Plan.  There are clearly disagreements, with respect to the rich and big corporations paying their fair share of taxes; many Republicans have signed a pledge to never raise taxes; and the plan to rebuild schools, which to me is the least controversial idea of them all.  Republicans, of course, would prefer that public education be privatized, like social security.  In addition, as one might expect, there are concerns about how the entire package will be paid for, and this becomes a particularly important point as Republicans continue to block revenue raising initiatives. However, there are some very Republican ideas involving tax cuts that they will support.

Since President Obama was elected, the Republicans have been the Obstructionist Party of No, and in some cases, the Obstructionist Party of Hell No, to appease the feisty and vocal Tea Party block. But now that Congress’ approval rating is lower than the President’s,  they have to get something done,  or they’ll be voted right out of office in the next election.

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