The Debt Ceiling Debacle

The thing is, I don’t think those of us who voted for Obama wanted the kind of change that the Tea Party branch of the Republican party has forced on us.  The debt ceiling debate was taken hostage by the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican party who insisted that raising the debt ceiling be tied to deficit reduction.  Tactically, this was a brilliant ploy, but reducing the long-term deficit has nothing to do with paying our short-term bills.  Nor does it have anything to do with job creation, which the Republicans had been saying was their top priority.  Tell me how making deep cuts create jobs?  These cuts do nothing to help those most in need, who the Republicans don’t seem to care about at all.  It will not help the unemployed, or the middle class.  I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the plan included eliminating the mortgage interest deduction for homeowners, which will be called tax reform.

This debt ceiling deal is part of a grand scheme to dismantle the government, by eviscerating the very programs that help people and the services that we look to the government to provide.  And remember, increased revenue is not in the plan.  There is no plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans. No plan to tax overseas corporate profits.  No discussion of closing corporate loopholes.  Any savings would likely go to providing more corporate welfare to persuade American corporations to create jobs at home in stead of in China.

Here are the cuts we might see in the near future:  EPA – forget about clean air; Education – who needs it?; Consumer Protection Agency – hey buyer, beware!; FDA – just rinse your vegetables for a minute and smell your meat before you eat – better cook everything well-done including cold cuts; infrastructure – don’t count on any upgrades anytime soon.  Pray when you cross a bridge or drive under an underpass.  The Postal Service.  Just send e-mail and pay all your bills on-line – if you don’t have a computer or internet, get with the program.   And for all of you who think you are entitled, think again.  You may be working until you are 80 before you can draw social security and it may take working into your 80’s to pay the medical bills, if medicare is cut.

This is not the change I voted for.  I want a leader who will fight for the middle class, and the poorest Americans – who by the way do not chose to be needy. I want a leader who will not cave to the pressure from a small band of rogue ideologues who refuse to compromise, who view government as a dirty word and who work in concert with a group of legislators who care more about corporate profits than people.

Wake up America!

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