Young Gator Deserves the Good Life

A 3 foot alligator was found living in a Providence lake according to the Providence Journal blog,  City Planner David Everett spotted and photographed a young alligator on the banks of the Woonasquatucket River.  Probably an exotic pet gone bad, the tiny reptile is not thought to pose a safety risk.  Environmental officials have no plans to rescue and relocate the gator.  Steven Hall, Chief of Environmental Police, predicts it won’t survive the winter.  In my opinion, there’s something cruel about this pledge of non-action.

Why not transport the gator to the swamps of Louisiana where it can be with its own kind, and who knows, maybe grow to earn a nickname by the Swamp People?   There’d be plenty in the murky water to eat, nice mud on the banks for belly sliding and the ideal weather for cold-blooded creatures, who rather enjoy basking in the sun, motionless, with mouth wide open.

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