Sky Mall deals

I took one of those Sky Mall magazines from the seat pocket of the Brazilian made Embraer ERJ-140 plane on a recent American Airlines flight. Incidentally, I heard on the news that Embraer recently hired some laid-off NASA engineers. Maybe the Brazilians will be the first to Pluto.

Why did I take the Sky Mall magazine, aside from the fact that the cover said, Free Copy – Take It? The thing is full of blogging material. Exhibit A: A Dell desktop computer for $164.00 U.S. Sounds like a great deal, no? Ships fast too. But what’s wrong with it. Surely something. Sure enough, it’s been refurbished. Here’s the thing, it’s relatively new; too new to be refurbished. When I think of refurbish, something antique comes to mind, not a late model computer. In my humble opinion, this means something was wrong with it to begin with. A customer was evidently not satisfied with it and sent it back, for what reasons, only Dell knows. But this got me thinking: what happened to this refurbed model now being sold on Sky Mall? Here are some thoughts on what might have happened:

The family dog lifted his leg and peed on it, and not to be outdone by the dog, the cat of the house marked it as his territory.

The thing was dropped a few times causing odd groaning sounds on start up. The owner pried open the shell and fiddled around with the insides until nothing worked at all.

Ignoring the warning to protect against static electricity charges, owner shocks the computer to death while forcing a memory chip the wrong way into an expansion slot.

Spoiled child shakes soda bottle and spews into the back vents of the office computer when told to go to bed.

So ridden with viruses due to owners refusal to buy anti-virus software, the computer finally flatlines.

Now does $164 sound like such a good deal?

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