Weiner Should Call It Quits

I hate to say it, because I liked Rep. Weiner’s progressive politics, but he probably should resign.  I know there are a few Republicans still in office who committed adultery, who the GOP never asked to step down now calling for Weiner to resign, but that’s pure politics. And while it is true, as far as we know, that he did not have a physical affair, with the phone calls and inappropriate photo sharing on Twitter with younger women, it seemed to be heading in that direction.

Maybe Rep. Weiner could weather the storm and be reelected, but it will further stain the House if he is, and the Dems will draw heat, not something they need heading into the 2012 election.

After resigning and sorting out his issues, it would not surprise me if Rep. Weiner lands his own show. There is certainly a presidence for this.  Eliot Spitzer, disgraced former Governor of NY now has his own program on CNN.

There have been a lot of people hurt and let down by Rep. Weiner’s actions and he appears to be truly sorry. I hope all affected can heal and move on. His resignation will enable that to happen more quickly.

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