Climate Change Rant

There have been so many deadly tornadoes this year, more than last and this has been a trend for the last 50 years, and more evidence of climate change. And we suffer. My heart goes out to all the victims. I say this without a political agenda, because in my view, science is not political. In fact, that’s why I trust it. Global warming and climate change are real. Skeptics argue that we are in a normal change cycle that has been happening since the beginning of time, but many of them, particularly the creationists who do not believe in science, claim than mother earth is just 6,000 years old, according to their literal interpretation of bible scripture. Scientific evidence on the other hand suggests the earth is actually 4.6 billion years old, and this is a generally accepted fact by most including the religious among us. That the temperatures are rising and that there is more moisture in the air and more catastrophic weather events is indisputable. That the polar ice caps are melting and the sea levels rising is also indisputable. The doubters may say poppycock; poppycock notwithstanding, the effects of climate change are real and unfortunately, irreversible.

All we can do is slow it down by taking better care of the earth. This is not political either, though Republicans want to make it political and dupe us into believing that taking care of the earth is somehow anti-American. Anyone who wants clean energy is branded a liberal activist. Save the planet advocates are considered to be left-wing union agitators or “illegal” immigrants. Anyone who believes in Darwin, is a Marxist, unless that person happens to be a social darwinist and that’s ok.

In fact, the right’s policies are anti-earth. For them, no regulations are the best regulations. Drill baby Drill until its bone dry. Dig deep, dig often. Cut down, especially the old growth. Screw the rain forests. Who needs them? Just those commie scientists and a few indigenous peoples.

New slogan for the 2012 campaign: “Don’t give a hoot. Pollute”.  The dirtier the energy, the greater the profits. That’s capitalism at its best, which is really the only thing that needs protection. Screw the earth, the redwood forests, the owls, anything endangered and most of all to hell with the next generation we leave the planet to (if  there’s anything left of it) when we are gone.  New ideology: (actually practiced now for a number of years) hedonistic narcissism under the banner of Country First.  Clever slogan for “me and mine only”.


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