E-Sleep, Stop Counting Sheep

An e-bike is an interesting concept and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Designed by Gates, NuVici and Bosh, the e-bike can travel up to 40 mph with pedal assist technology with four gears including Lance (for really fast) and Lazy, a gear I think I could achieve on my own.

The e-bike obviously is not as clean and green as the bicycle, so it’s not the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, or to lose weight.  While it does have kind of the cool factor going for it, I would think a rider might prefer a moped or a motorcycle if two wheel power is the point.  I’m not sure if the moped comes in an electric version yet, but there is an electric motorcycle available; both probably sound like an electric drill, and I think the sound alone would make me think I’m at a construction site or the dentist’s office.

What’s next?  I can think of a few other e-ideas which may already be out, I don’t know.  How about an e-hula hoop?  Or an e-skateboard? I bet there is such a thing.

Here’s my next invention:  E-sleep.  Americans are not getting enough sleep, and those who do, may not be getting that refreshing deep sleep. Imagine putting on a couple of electrodes and going into an instant deep sleep.  Set the timer for 45 minutes and take a power E-nap.  Before you go to bed, you could set the thing on light sleep, dreamy sleep, REM, deep sleep for as many hours as time permits.  Wake up with a recharged battery!

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