Green Cars

An article in the New York Times referenced a list of the greenest cars put out by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.  At the top of the list is a car that burns gas, rated higher even than an all electric car.  Personally, I’m not big on green cars.  I prefer silver, blue or any of the metallic varieties.  Tan is fine too though many years ago I might have called my grandparents square for owning tan cars including a Plymouth Valiant, a VW Bug, and a Chevy Vega Wagon.  Actually, I’m square too as my first car was a tan Honda Civic Wagon.  To my grandfather’s credit, he also purchased a green VW Bug for my aunt.  Anyway, 30 years later, I’m still driving a Civic Wagon which is now called the Fit.

But as fuel efficient and clean as the Fit is, and it is both in droves, it did not make the green list, though several other Hondas did including the hybrid Insight and a CNG burning Civic.  In fact, this natural gas Civic model ranked as the top green car on the market, beating out the all electric Nissan Leaf.  One question, though.  Where do you buy Natural Gas?  My local Sunoco does not deal in CNG, nor do most of the other stations in the area.  I admit that at the moment, CNG is cheaper and certainly cleaner than gasoline, almost $1.00 per gallon cheaper, if you can find it.

The problem with the Leaf is not the technology, or the hassle of recharging it all the time.  The problem is the name.  Leaf.  A leaf does not inspire confidence.  I don’t like leaves.  I battle them every Fall when they fall off the trees and litter my yard.   And the leaf itself is not very powerful.  It waves in the wind, and blows around on the ground quite irresponsibly without a care in the world.  Nissan could have gone for a better name like the Acorn.  Now that’s an armored nut that packs a punch when falling to the ground.  And they come from the majestic Oak tree.  Maybe Nissan will develop an all electric version for the family Sedan and call it the Nissan Oak.  I’d buy one.

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