Watson Bests Jeopardy Champs

In the third and final Jeopardy match between the supercomputer with a chip and  two confident champions, the outcome was uncertain until the end.  Unlike the first two days, the questions presented more of  a challenge for Watson who seemed lost and even a little intimidated.  Both Brad and Ken, who Matel could profitably make into action figures, answered question after question leaving Watson in need of a reboot.

Watson finally got its groove on Midway in and nearly ran a few of the categories.  And with some android humor, bet $367 on a daily double.  I like Watson.

And in the end, Watson prevailed with a three day total of over $77,147, over three times that of Ken and Brad.  Watson’s creators at IBM should treat the electronic wonder to a cold microbrew.  Ken and Brad did the human race proud in defeat. And I couldn’t help but feel that the two actually knew more than Watson, who perhaps had an unfair speed advantage.

For complete coverage of the tournament, see my blog posts below:

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  1. thanks for blogging about this :) I’ve enjoyed them

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