Bowl Game Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about some of the college football bowl games to be played in 2010-2011:

In today’s first Military Bowl, no team associated with the Armed Forces will be playing.

In the history of the New Orleans Bowl dating back to its first game in 2001, no team from the state of Louisiana has ever played in it.

A team from New Mexico has competed only once in the New Mexico Bowl in the 2007 inaugural game.  They beat Nevada 23-0.

Fresno State won the Humanitarian Bowl in 2007 by scoring 40 points, and gave up 40 points in a losing cause in last year’s Humanitarian Bowl.  In the last 5 games, the winning teams have posted 40 points or more.  In the 11 game history of the Humanitarian Bowl, the lowest point total for a winning team was 34; the highest 52.  In 7 of the 11 games played, the winning team scored 40 points or more.

In the 19 game history of the Las Vegas Bowl, teams from Nevada have only played in 3 games.  The last game in which a Nevada team competed was in 2000 when UNLV defeated Arkansas 31-14.

In the 9 game history of the Hawaii Bowl, winning teams have averaged 48 points.  Hawaii is 3-3 in Hawaii Bowl games.

Arkansas is 1-4 in Sugar Bowl play.  They lost to Bear Bryant coached Alabama teams twice and to Mississippi twice and beat Georgia in 1969, 16-2.   The last time the Hogs played in the Sugar Bowl was 1980 losing to the undefeated National Champion Crimson Tide, 24-9.

In the 66 game history of the Gator Bowl, Florida teams are 15-1.  LSU, representing a state full of alligators and gator hunters, has only played in the Bowl once, defeating South Carolina 30-13 in 1987.

In 77 Orange Bowl matches, Florida teams are 12-8.  The last contest in which a Florida team played was 2004 and this was actually the first time two Florida teams had matched up in the Orange Bowl.  Miami beat Florida State 16-14.


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