Volunteer to Pay Higher Taxes

Looks a little like Major Winchester of M*A*S*H*

There’s a lot of fuss about tax cuts for the wealthy.  Principled Dems say the leisure class would do just fine without another handout.  They argue that most Americans favor tax relief for the middle class only.  The compromise President Obama brokered to extend the Bush era tax cuts to all Americans some say only adds to our mounting debt and will do little to create jobs.

I have a counter proposal, not a bill, but a challenge of sorts to the wealthy and that is this:  volunteer to pay a higher tax rate.  The additional tax revenue generated could be  sent back to an infrastructure project in the tax payers’ home state, or the state of their preference.  A percentage of the  dollars would be shared among the least wealthy states, a sort of revenue sharing plan a la Major League Baseball.

The end result would be that the wealthy with a social conscience, and there are many generous philanthropists in our country, would be contributing directly to job creation and helping to rebuild the country.  This is a far better stimulus plan than President Reagan’s star wars-like trickle down theory that never worked and got us into this habit of spending money we don’t have.

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