Alternatives to the scan and pat down

Full Body Scan

Let’s see, the TSA has employed those invasive pat-downs and the full body scan, causing outrage among some annoyed travelers.  I don’t fly much, so the issue doesn’t affect me personally.  And when I fly next, frankly, I don’t care what they do.  I have nothing to hide.  And I believe we do have to sacrifice a little privacy for security.  But for those who wish to opt out of both the scan and the pat down, here are a few alternative options:  a German Shepard bomb sniffing dog.  I imagine the canine snout is just as accurate as the X-ray.  Or a cat – the Silver Tabby, Calico and Manx breeds are amazingly talented at detecting the nervous and allergic among us. I’m a cat person myself.  The lie detector test and truth serum are other options for principled travelers who are in no rush to arrive at their destination.  Maybe the best alternative to traditional airline travel is the flying car, soon to be available at a rental car agency near you.

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