No Constitutional Right to Bear Assault Grade Vegetables

I don’t think the 2nd amendment guarantees citizens the right to bear arms, though it does allow for a regulated militia – key emphasis on regulated – to protect the people.  Members of the the armed forces, and police departments have the constitutional right to bear weapons.

I don’t have a problem with private gun ownership.  I have no issues with shotguns and rifles for hunting.  I don’t think it is wise however to have a loaded gun at home, especially if there are children in the family.  And I don’t think people should be carrying around pistols or stashing heat in the glove box.  This creates too many opportunities for mischief making.

I do think some weapons should be banned – the really nasty ones like pistols, machine guns and assault rifles.  And there’s one particularly insidious class of assault weapons that needs to be eliminated now – large vegetables.  Just the other day a homeowner bonked an intruding bear on the head with a giant zucchini.  It was an unregistered vegetable that she had not been trained to use.  Imagine the damage squash, asparagus spears, giant Idaho spuds and genetically altered eggplants could do to a human.  Call your congressional representatives now to demand an immediate ban on all large vegetables before someone gets hurt.

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