Double Boiler Home Heating

Our boiler died.  We have, or I should say had one of those heating systems that heats and provides domestic hot water all in one package.  So when I began shopping on-line for a price quote on a new one, I had forgotten the name and wasn’t sure what search terms to put in.  What do you call it a broiler, no, no a boiler – wait, is it a furnace? – I typed furnance (because I had finance on the mind).  Maybe it’s a brazier? I plugged in combo boiler and the search returned combi boiler.  No, that’s not it.   So, I plugged in double boiler, thinking that’d take me in the right direction.  Great!  Home Depot has them on sale for U.S. 34.99.  And I was thinking, a combination boiler couldn’t be that cheap.  And they look remarkably similar to saucepans.  And indeed they are – one fits right into the other.  Could this clever device melt cheese and heat my home?

Solution to your heating problems

3 Responses

  1. lol

  2. Haha!!Hope you gave it a good burial.Well you should go for a combi boiler bro.We have vaillant and glow worm ones here in UK.Do tell what you bought.

  3. We bought an upgraded version of the same thing because (I think it’s a Laars combo boiler) it was the only thing that would fit in the space. So far, so good after two years – much better than the 1st gen model.

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