Salt Review

My wife and I saw SALT last night, but it wasn’t the movie I wanted to see.  I had hoped to convince her that Inception was the better flick.  I didn’t really know if that was true.  She countered that she had heard just the opposite.  The truth is she had heard from one friend and I had heard from nobody.  I had only seen the trailers and Inception just seemed more interesting.  I don’t like action thrillers all that much.  Ok, I take that back.  I like James Bond films and the Bourne trilogy of movies.   And I’d add Salt to this short list.  Heck, I’d add salt to just about anything – buttered popcorn (always more salt than I need), individual pieces of meat, tomatoes and watermelon, – try it, it’s incredible.

If you haven’t seen Salt or the trailers for it, you probably aren’t reading this review. But in case you don’t know, Salt is a CIA agent played by Angelina Jolie.  Like Jason Bourne, the character in the Bourne trilogy played by Matt Damon, Salt is a highly trained agent with supreme fighting skills.  Salt and Bourne would be one invincible team.

And  Jason Bourne and Evelyn Salt have more in common than a common employer.  They both have a German love interest.  Salt’s husband is a German arachnologist; Bourne’s love interest is Franka Potente who plays a German drifter of sorts.  Both characters play rogue agents turned hero, who show extreme loyalty to their mates.  Both speak Russian fluently.  And the two are master escape artists who have the uncanny ability to cause police car accidents and escape unscathed.

The Salt plot has many twists and turns.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on until the very end, and then needed a few minutes after the movie to process and sort out what I had seen.   The Bourne plots are more straight forward.  It’s clear who the bad guys are.  In Salt, sorting out evil from good is a complicated exercise.  The characters of Salt and Bourne are trained killers and they do quite a bit of killing on screen, and not all of it in self-defense. They are both on a violent mission to bring inner peace and domestic tranquility.  Bourne wants his identity back and Salt longs for her quiet married life.  Both had gotten in over their heads and seek redemption but want revenge first.

In Salt, the Russians are portrayed as evil as if it were filmed during the cold war.  I thought we were past the stereotypes of a Russia bent on world domination. In the Bourne films, several rogue agents in the CIA took on the villain role. Whereas, in Salt, the CIA came off not as evil, but incompetent.

I enjoyed the movie.  I know it was good because I paused a few times while eating my heavily salted and lightly buttered tub of popcorn.  Usually, I polish off the tub in seconds flat well before the movie ends.  With Salt, I never made it to the bottom of the tub.

Salt.  Good on popcorn, watermelon and on a lazy summer night in front of the big screen.  Go taste if for yourself at a cinema near you.

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  1. for me inception is far better than salt.

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