Fuji FinePix Final Pics

5 or 6 years ago – I bought my first digital camera. A 2 mp point and shoot. It has a LCD screen and a view finder and runs on 2 AA batteries. It has been a serviceable camera, but unfortunately no longer works. The thing has been stuck in standby mode for the past few months. I can’t use it at all. I’m sure it’s something relatively easy to fix with the right tools. I think there’s some pin or spring that needs to be replaced to allow the function knob to rotate properly. But I don’t have those tools to open the camera and I’m not inclined to buy them or to pay someone to have the camera examined. The weird thing is that I have a spare malfunctioning Fuji FinePix A205 that my daughter gave me when she got it free after purchasing a Dell computer.  She already had a camera and had no use for it.  The LCD screen stopped working after shooting a few rounds of film.  The LCD is partially blacked out revealing half the subject and much to my disappointment, the blacked out half happens to be where the function modes display, so it is impossible to know what the settings are on it when I snap.  I can still take pictures through the view finder, but in a sense, only blindly. That said, it still takes brilliant pictures, when I guess right with the settings.  I took that shot of the potentially poisonous plant above looking through the viewfinder.  It looks like a bunch of lifesavers growing on a weed like plant surrounded by dried tobacco leaves. I must have correctly set it the macro setting by chance. I probably got too close though, as the “grapes” blur at greater magnification.   And a whole bunch of shots I took on this day were blurry beyond recognition.  As some of the guys say on West Coast Customs, “I’m done with it.”

I just ordered a new digital camera.  I would have bought another Fuji but my experience with the FinePix A205 has made me think the brand is not the most durable.  So I’m getting a 12 mp Canon PowerShot A3100.  My wife and one of my daughters have Canons and love them.  They’ve had no problem with build quality and the images they’ve produced with the cameras have been outstanding.  

I’m going to hang on to the Fujis and maybe try to fix them one day.  It’s a bit of a luxury actually to have both an LCD screen and a view finder.  You don’t find that on the current crop of point and shoot digital cameras.  You don’t.

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