South Africa at Free State Stadium

It will be a big day for the host nation today in World Cup action.  France is desperate for a win against South Africa to keep a sliver of hope alive in Group A, but will struggle against the host nation at Free State Stadium.  The French will blame the loss on the mighty vuvuzela.  South Africa has a chance to advance, but they’d need to shut out France and score something like 7 goals in the game, certainly not unprecedented if you’ve been paying attention lately.

Nigeria would like nothing more than to post their first win of the tournament.  If Greece loses decisively to Argentina, Nigeria could advance in Group B with a convincing win over South Korea, like Portugal’s win over North Korea.

So far, Latin America teams have dominated the tournament going 9-2-3, the highest winning percentage of any delegation.  Honduras is responsible for both losses.  European teams are 10-8-8.  These results are somewhat misleading though because in some groups Latin American teams have faced off (Chile v Honduras and Mexico and Uruguay today) and European teams have competed against one another as well (Holland v Denmark; Spain and Switzerland and later Slovenia v England).  That said, winning percentage is a good marker of dominance and to date, Latin America takes the prize.

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