A Father’s Day Tribute to My Dad

Dad and I at the local DX

My dad died in 1988.  He was only 50.  I’ve never written about his passing, but I think about him everyday.  Who was this man who checked out at such an early age?

He was a complicated man, a man of many moods and talents.  An architect, a tinkerer, a photographer, a reader of science fiction and mysteries and a sports fan.  He was sociable, and introverted, intellectual, but down to earth, a man with a musical ear who played no instrument.  An encyclopedia of knowledge.  There’s was almost nothing he didn’t know something about.  He was like the Internet before the Internet.  Instead of Google, I just asked Dad.  And if he didn’t know, he’d say so – like “that’s a good question.  Let’s think about that”.

Fun loving, caring and at times distant.  A man with dreams and doubts, of promise and disappointment.  A man of cheer and gloom.  Sweet and kind and at times removed.  A man of mysteries.  My father.  And he meant the world to me.  Though sometimes distant, he came to all my games, all my graduations, all my open houses at school.  He drove me to Texas to visit a college.  He picked me up on the side of the highway at 3:00 in the morning when my rented truck with all my college possessions broke down some 3 hours from home.  He was there for me always.   I miss him.  Happy Father’s day Dad!

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