BP taking orders from U.S. Government

President Obama says the U.S. government is fully engaged in the oil spill crisis, and has taken charge of the cleanup and effort to plug the leak. The government should be leaning on BP to hold it accountable, something it had not done in the months, no, years leading up to the accident.  While the fixes have yet to yield any success, the Obama administration can take credit for BP drilling a second relief well and for stopping the top kill insanity of shooting mud, golf balls and old tires down the damaged blowout preventer, which did nothing but dirty the waters even more.   And it is important that the government mobilize all of its resources to show the country that it is not just a helpless spectator at the mercy of big oil.  In fact, in some ways, the Obama administration may even score some points for seeming to slap BP around, though, no doubt everyone would prefer a quick fix, massive cleanup and the restoration of the environment and the economy on our gulf shores.

While the oil spill is not the fault of the government, drilling is.  The Obama administration had favored drilling as one of many strategies to meet our current energy needs.  Of course drilling has been part of U.S. energy policy for years, as has lax oversight of the oil industry.  When the government is in bed with BP and the rest of the oil industry, what can you expect.  And as long as the U.S. is dependent on fossil fuels to support its energy habits, nothing much will change.  However, now is the time to put a stop to offshore deep water drilling.  If the Obama administration is really calling the shots, those oil relief wells should be the last wells drilled in U.S. waters.

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