SCOTUS Pick Reveals Obama’s Centrist Views

Elena Kagan for SCOTUS.  Not my first choice or even second but I trust she’s been vetted as carefully as possible.  Her academic achievements are solid. She has the Ivy League club membership.  Actually, this is a little off putting to me.  The court needs a little more diversity with respect to academic experiences.  Isn’t there a qualified graduate of say the University of North Carolina or the University of North Texas, preferably someone who played in the One O’ Clock Lab Band?  Come on.  Harvard, Yale, Princeton?  Let’s give the small liberal arts grad a chance!  Nominate a SCOTUS from Bard College, Connecticut College, Swarthmore or Hendrix.  These are the places I’d look first.

Elena Kagan will be an ok addition to the court.  She’s not quite the liberal or progressive I’d hope for to replace Justice Stevens.  A bit of a centrist, I liken Kagan more to Justice Kennedy.  You know, Obama may be moving this court to the center, reflecting his ideological bent.  Like Kagan, the President is not the progressive I had hope he would be.  But better the center than the right, right? And it could be worse.  McCain could have gotten the pick.  And who knows, he might have nominated the governor of Arizona or the former governor of Alaska.

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