Have You Driven A Toyota Lately?

Toyota used to feature commercials with the phrase “ask somebody”.  I would simply ask this at a Toyota dealership to a salesperson:  Do you drive one?  I wonder how many in Toyota management do?  I might even ask:  have you driven one lately?…wait, I think that was a Ford commercial.

I’ve never owned a Ford or a Toyota.  I can’t remember ever driving a Ford – we were a Chevy family.  And I’ve only driven Toyota cars a few times.  I’ve had a couple of Toyota loaners, and have driven friends’ before.  The truth is, I never much liked Toyota styling.  I couldn’t see myself driving one.  I knew they were the most reliable cars on the road, but I just didn’t like how they looked – I didn’t like them then and don’t like them now.

I’m not one of these “buy American” hypocrites either.  I’ve never owned an American car.  The last American car I drove regularly was a 1978 Camaro.  It was my dad’s car but when he got his 1973 MG running, he let me drive the Cam off to college.  I drove the thing for years until it was rear-ended at a stop sign in Denton, Texas and transformed into an accordion.  No, I was not injured nor was my passenger, thank God.  I’ve been driving Japanese cars ever since, but never a Toyota…well, except for the loaners.

Ask somebody if they’ve driven a Toyota lately, or a Lexus for that matter.  Not that I mean to disrespect those who still have faith in the company.  After folks take their recalled cars in, I would hope the fixes make the cars roadworthy again.  But If I had a recalled Toyota, I’d trade it in for a Honda or a Chevy Malibu.


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