The Reality Show of Politics

This from Senator Mitch McConnell after the White House health care summit:

“But we’re happy to continue to discuss the areas of agreement, it’s just that I do not believe there will be any Republican support for this 2,700 page bill that the American people are so overwhelmingly opposed to.”

Right.  The Republican leader finally admitted there are areas of agreement in the bill worth discussing, the very bill he says Americans are so opposed to.  He’s claimed all along that there is no Republican support for the bill – that we should scrap it and start over.  But if there are ideas in the bill that both parties can agree on, there is no need to start from scratch.  To say that Americans are so overwhelmingly opposed to the bill is simply not true.  I’m not opposed to the bill and I’m an American.  Americans are increasingly opposed to Republicans and Democrats alike who continue to do everything possible to derail health care reform, refusing to compromise on anything for fear that the Obama administration will get credit for fulfilling a campaign promise which might jeopardize their chances for re-election.

McConnell demonized the bill by referring to it simply as a 2,700 page document that will raise premiums.  First, if nothing is done, premiums will continue to skyrocket, but apparently that is of no concern to him or to Kentuckians.  Secondly, while he bashes the length of the bill, which I would doubt he has read, and would guess he has no interest in reading, millions of Ameicans continue to go without health care insurance and not because they don’t want it, but because they can’t afford it.  And surely there are plenty of Kentuckians who suffer because of his partisan leadership that is guided simply by the word “no”.

Finally, do our politicians even care about the uninsured?  Are there some Americans who feel that the poor deserve to be poor and go without access to quality health care? Do people believe that those who can’t afford insurance are too lazy or unintelligent to find a higher paying job?  Don’t we Americans have any feeling for the less fortunate?  Are there those among us who subscribe to social Darwinist theories or the politics of me?  I sure hope not and I would find it difficult to believe that many Americans harbor such views.  Am I naive?

And is fear mongering and deceit like in America’s favorite reality show Survivor, just part of the game of politics? Play to win, to consolidate power, to outlast, to get re-elected, regardless of the means and consequences.  Wake up America and say no politicians who keeping saying no; vote them right off the show.

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