Lysacek Putin Praise Plushenko

Bob Costas tried to get Evan Lysacek to respond to the controversial comments of Yevgeny Plushenko. Plushenko if you remember believes an Olympic champion figure skater must be able to execute a quadruple jump and as much as said that Evan Lysacek who edged him out of a gold medal was not worthy. Plushenko fueled the controversy during the medal ceremony by stepping on the empty gold medal platform en route to his silver medal perch. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin added a squirt of lighter fluid by saying that Plushenko “performed the most accomplished program on the Vancouver ice”. But did he? The judges didn’t think so and I didn’t either, not that I know much about figure skating, but it was clear that Lysacek skated better. Accomplishment cannot and in fact is not measured simply on the planned and executed elements. The program components matter too. Choreography, interpretation, performance and skating are also important elements that judges evaluate. But even looking at the planned and executed elements, Lysacek’s jumps, landings and spins were cleaner. Lysacek deflected the controversy by saying that Plushenko is a nice guy and a skater he had always looked up to. He said Pluchenko congratulated him after he won the gold medal. Lysaecek said he knew Plushenko was disappointed and should be proud of the silver. The silver that Vladimir Putin said is “as good as gold”.

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