Justice Alito’s “you lie” moment at the SOTU

There was another “you lie” moment during Obama’s address, did you hear it, well maybe you didn’t – but thanks to CNN’s instant replay, it was clear for all to see. Here’s the context.  In an unusual tactic in a State of the Union address, President Obama criticized a recent Supreme Court ruling, in front of the members of the court, who had front row seats.  Bold.  Axis:  Bold As Love..I digress.  What was even more unusual was the display of emotion that came from an Associate Justice- Justice Samuel Alito, known to be a competitive debater…check out Resolved, if you haven’t seen it already, but I digress again.  Alito whispered, “that’s not right” after Obama opined that the ruling  “will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our elections.”  A frightening thought.


4 Responses

  1. HUH??? A frightening thought???? And how frightened are you by SEIU leaders having free access to the Oval Office (dozens and dozens of times). Obama is a fraud and a hypocrite. The only reason he hates the ruling is it levels the playing field. The guy is so freaking arrogant it makes me want to puke.

  2. Not frightened at all of the SEIU. I’m pro Union. And even if the Unions tried, they couldn’t buy an election. The Unions didn’t elect Obama. But if there are no limits to the influence corporations can have on an election, we might as well hand the government over to big business, say the insurance companies because they sure have our best interests at heart, or why not just fork over the whole enchilada to Rupert Murdoch’s New’s Corp – some on the right might like that. Fraud and hypocrite are strong words. And to call the President of the United States “freaking arrogant” is crossing the line. No need for the ad hominem attacks.

  3. OK. Scratch “freaking. ” He’s still arrogant. And when he’s gone in 2012 he can go on the lecture circuit and tell us all how we just didn’t understand his brilliance.

  4. He may very well be a one term president given his current level of popularity and his administration’s inability so far to get much done, though not from a lack of effort. I wouldn’t call him arrogant – confident and frustrated, yes, but not arrogant.

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