A Day in the Life of Ribbie

Here’s a list of stuff I need to do today:

  • grade papers.
  • cook – it’s my turn.
  • watch football.
  • grade more papers.
  • watch more football.
  • read The Master and Margarita if I can wrest it away from my cat.
  • help my daughter study for the SAT II U.S. History exam.
  • grade more papers.
  • prepare lesson for tomorrow night’s class.
  • rake leaves or leave them to blow in the wind – which reminds me of a novel I read in the late 80’s by Richard Brautigan, So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away a novel I loned out to a friend, who must have thought it was a gift because she never returned it.
  • supervise the assembly of a chest with 5 drawers called a Kullen made in Denmark –  designed and sold by the Swedish company Ikea.   Kullen – does that mean chest of drawers in Danish or Swedish?  Actually, according to an entry on Wikipedia, Kullen is the name of a lighthouse equipped with one 1,000 watt light bulb on the coast of Sweden.  So watt’s the connection?  I should add that yesterday my wife, who is a fine carpenter, assembled an Ikea designed Polish made chest of drawers called a Rast.  An internet search of the word rast revealed no connection whatever to furniture. In fact,  the rast is a blood test for allergens, a musical mode in Arabic and a reference to an outsider in the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons.  Perhaps rast is an inside reference for Swedes that no outsider could ever hope to understand.
  • Watch the show Chopped.
  • Watch more football.
  • Watch 60 Minutes and The Amazing Race right after.
  • Watch Iron Chef and more football – flipping between the two.

5 Responses

  1. I’m a huge Iron Chef fan but I had chopped and the host. It’s such a boring show.

  2. Definitely an Iron Chef fan too. What I meant to say, though, was that I will be watching the Next Iron Chef – tonight a new Iron Chef will be named. I like the Chopped host who also judges on Iron Chef occasionally. But I am not especially fond of the judges on Chopped – they don’t have much of a sense of humor and don’t seem to have good chemistry.

  3. A great Richard Brautigan book (short stories) is Revenge of the Lawn. Have a look if you already haven’t. Ties in nicely with leave raking, too!

  4. The only other Brautigan I know is Trout Fishing in America. I’ll put Revenge of the Lawn on my reading list. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I’m not sure whether Revenge of the Lawn came before or after Trout Fishing in America. I hought ROL was funnier and more thought provoking and highly recommend it.

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