Top 10 Distractions for NWA Pilots

10.  Birding – Hey, it’s a flock of Canadian Geese.

9.  Making prank phone calls to Air Traffic Controllers in Canada.

8.  Listening to the classic Byrd’s song, Eight Miles High over and over and over.

7.  Playing Solitaire – it’s addictive and hypnotizing.

6.  Installing Windows 7 on their laptops…without much success.

5.  Arguing about the best in-flight movie of all time.

4.  Making adjustments to fantasy football team.

3.  Updating Facebook status:  Look mom, no hands!

2.  Tweeting with other pilots in the area.



2 Responses

  1. I REALLY like your blog — very funny stuff about the pilots. BTW, we own three Hondas in my family (including one Fit) and I’m not sure we’d ever have anything else.

  2. We may never know what those pilots were really doing all that time, but we do know that for most of the flight, they weren’t flying the plane.

    I’ve only owned one Honda, and liked it enough to consider buying another, or two. I like the Fit, but am having trouble seeing myself driving one. And the sportier they make that Fit, the more it looks like an alien insect.

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