The Honda Fit, not so Fit

Toy or car?

Toy or car?

My daughter is looking to buy a new car and so am I.  We’re thinking to buy two Honda Fits, different colours of course.  Maybe we’d get a good deal, like free floor mats or something.  But I’m having second thoughts.   Don’t get me wrong.  I like the car.  I was inside one and impressed with its interior roominess.  Cavernous actually.  But on the outside, the thing looks like a toy.  Fit for a kid, not an adult.  Like one of the cars I used to pedal around the house when I was 4.   Or a John Deer riding lawnmower with a hardtop.  No, that would describe the SMART car.

The Fit sounds trim and lean and fuel-efficient, but it’s not really.  About 33 average mpg.  That’s just not that good – or I should say not nearly good enough.  The Civic CCC from the 70’s got 54 mpg.  It did.  And the Fit looks  about the same size as the first gen. Civic, but I would be willing to bet weighs 800 – 1,000 pounds more; the unfit Honda Fit.

2 Responses

  1. You said you were thinking of buying two Honda Fits, but were disappointed in the mileage estimate of 33 MPG. Well, I actually own two Honda Fit Sports, one is a 2008 automatic that my spouse drives (mileage never calculated) and the other is a 2007 stick shift; my daily driver. With 22,349 miles on the odometer, my overall average is 37.82 MPG, much better than the EPA estimates.

  2. Not bad comparatively (your manual probably gets better mileage than the automatic), but I was more disappointed that today’s cars aren’t as fuel-efficient as they were some 30 years ago. A 1977 Honda Civic, got 54 highway/41 city.

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