Honda’s Save the Earth Ad Misleads


Honda has a new “Save the Earth” commercial which opens with a vintage Honda Civic CCC from the 70’s.   A guy gets out of the car with a Save the Earth t-shirt.  As he walks along the sidewalk, the shirt goes through a time lapse, same slogan, slightly different style.  It ends with a shot of the 2010 Civic and a voice over announcing:  “It’s the same, only different… The ever fuel efficient Honda Civic”.

But it’s not the same.  A 1977 Honda Civic CVCC got 54 mpg on the highway/41 mpg city.  The 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid only gets 45 mpg highway; the gasoline powered Civic, a modest 34 mpg highway, 26 city.

Where’s the truth in advertising here?  The slogan should be “Not the same, but different…the less fuel efficient Honda”.  And can buying a new car save the earth?  If so, I’d like to know how.


Different - Not the Same


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  1. Where did you see this commercial
    I’ve heard about it but cant seem to find it anywhere
    Please let me know if you can point me in the direction where I can find this commerical

    Thank you

  2. It’s running on the the major networks in the Northeast. I imagine someone will post it up on Youtube before long.

  3. It’s been playing a lot lately here in FL too. I was thinking the exact same thing when I first saw the commerical. Some will argue the epa figured mpg differently then, but I remember figuring mgp using a calculator everytime I filled up and always getting over 40mgp in a 82 sentra. Math doesnt lie, and obviously, there in no truth in advertising.

  4. The auto industry would argue that they can’t get the same efficiencies because of all the safety mandates – cars are safer now and much heavier. However, with today’s technology and engineering know how, auto makers should be able to produce cars that get 50+ mpg like they did 25 years ago. And they could if they wanted to, but that would cut into their short term profits.

    What the hey – one day soon we’ll all be driving electrics, or bicycles.

  5. I absolutely loved this commercial. By saying it’s the same, only different- I don’t think they were trying to be exact. I think the goal of the ad was to remind people that Honda has always been fuel efficient, unlike other motor companies who have joined the trend. I also think the target Honda was trying to communicate with isn’t old enough to remember the Civic’s MPG in 1977.

  6. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in this commercial?

  7. Uhh i know this is off subject but yea what is the song in this commercial?

  8. I, too, would love to know the music/musician featured in this commercial. I’ve followed some links to AdTunes but have yet to have the music ID’d. Any ideas?

  9. i am trying to find the name of the song too… sounds like a led zeppelin song to me but i can’t be sure…

  10. Bob, it does sound a little like the great Zeppelin tune, “Ten Years Gone”, from Physical Graffiti. I saw the commercial again today and I thought I heard a vocalist mumbling “it’s alright…” near the end.

  11. And it sounds a little like the Allman Brothers tune “Don’t Keep Me Wondering”.

  12. I’ve been trying to search on the lyrics, but it’s been so long since I saw the spot I don’t remember if there’s anything more to them than “it’s all right”, and that’s way too common to be much help. Does anybody have the ad recorded and can see if there are any more lyrics than that?

  13. I’ve haven’t heard it lately either, but I’m pretty sure there are no lyrics other than “it’s alright” at the end…it could just be a spliced up song. That bluesy slide guitar pointed me to southern rock…the Allman Brothers with Dickie Betts or Derek Trucks on guitar. I was also thinking Johnny Winters or Stevie Ray Vaughn, or even an old blues guy like Lightnin Hopkins or Albert King.

  14. I guess this commercial is gone. I only saw it 2 or 3 times. The song sounds a little like “Don’t Miss Me” by the Derek Trucks band from their CD Already Free. By the way, if you don’t own this CD, or if you’ve never heard of Derek Trucks, you should check this out:

  15. This is simple nimrod. It’s because the government now has all these standards imposed upon the automobile. Whether it be for safety or fuel efficiency. The government reglations have added enough weight to the modern day vehicle that older vehicles made in the 1970s can potentially perform better gas mileage wise.

  16. That is the simple explanation the auto industry hides behind. Cars are heavier today, no doubt and much safer. But the technology exists to make cars dramatically more fuel efficient – the industry is moving in that direction…but only because of government standards (a good thing) and consumer demand. The auto industry hates mandates because it cuts into their profit margin, but they do recognize that in 2010, there’s money to be made in mpg.

  17. […] forums with no success: Honda Civic Save The Earth t-shirt TV Commercial Music – Adtunes Forums Honda’s Save the Earth Ad Misleads Ribbie’s Weblog Whats the name of the song on the new honda commercial with the guy wearing the save the earth […]

  18. what’s the song in the commercial ?


  19. I think it is ridiculous that any one can trademark a common phrase like “save the earth.” Besides the shirt only has the phrase and not the image that goes along with their trademark. I hope Honda wins becaus

    The song sounds like a Beck song, and also sounds like a knock off of Led Zeppelin’s Traveling Riverside Blues which in turn sounds nothing like the Robert Johnson song that it is derived from.

  20. I currently own and still drive a 1973 Civic and I can tell you, I only get 28MPG. (just checked it yesterday). I think that add above may be the usual creative advertising. I’m pretty sure the best MPG I had in the 70’s with it was about 33MPG. I just saw this commercial playing in the southeast and goggled it. I agree w/Liz above and as also stated above was those old cars were MUCH lighter.

  21. I’m trying to find out about the music too, it sounds a lot like Rocco DeLuca, anybody know for sure????

  22. It’s killing me not knowing what that song is, but overall I do enjoy that commercial.

  23. Who’s is the HUNK in that commercial?????XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

  24. I’ll put in my .02 – I think it sounds like some of Guy Davis’ songs. Where is the RIAA here, ragging on Honda for not publishing the musician’s info anywhere?


    (Also, save your pennies and just buy a Volkswagen already)

  25. well it is a hybrid so it may take in play to fuel effieciency

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