Samsung Instinct clever, not smart

In  a previous post, I reviewed my trusty but quirky Samsung Instinct smart phone, the one I now consider clever and cheeky, but not smart – capable, yes, but an underachiever.  The thing pocket dials and has a volume that goes up to a feint 8 not 10 reminding me of the amp in This Is Spinal Tap that had an 11 setting – quirky.

And now I’ve found a couple of other annoyances.  The song shuffle.  Ok, select shuffle and you get a random sequence.  Select shuffle the next time, same sequence.  No shuffle.  Not even a half-hearted split deck shuffle.  And there’s this notepad function.  Have a thought, jot it down.  But better not have more than 9 thoughts because that’s the limit to the number of notes you can store on the phone.  9, why not 10…actually, you should be able to record an infinite number of notes on a smart phone.  Maybe the 9 limit is a tribute to the Beatles  White Album tune, Revolution 9, (not to be confused with their hit Revolution 1) Hey, and why not offer Revolution number 9 number 9, number 9 as a ringtone? That would be smart, clever and creepy.

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