Random car names on the way to work


On the bus to the subway this morning.  Looking out the window I started saying the names of cars we passed.  The little Toyota Echo that echoes no longer once a Tercel now a Yaris; what is a Yaris – a mountain climbing pack animal?  Is it like a Yak?  Look, a Dodge Intrepid – you’d have to be fearless to drive one – wasn’t it a ship, the Intrepid, the boxy thing looks like one and should be in the water, not on the road.  A Ford “lunar” Probe,  discontinued and parts not available – a collector’s item.  Hey, a Dodge Dart (just kidding, I didn’t actually see one, but it came to mind) and there’s a 2 mile per gallon Mountaineer and an Escalade – what is an escalade anyway?  Is it even a word? Last stop, a Honda Odyssey, what’s next, the Honda Iliad?

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