McCurry wins epic battle over McDonald’s

McDonald’s sued McCurry, a fast food restaurant in Malaysia, for trademark infringement.   McCurry features Indian food and Malaysian staples such as  fish head curry in its one and only outlet in Kuala Lumpur.  A judge ruled that McDonald’s had no monopoly over the prefix Mc.  This reminds me of  McDowell’s in Eddie Murphy’s comic masterpiece, Coming to America.

The imperialistic McDonald’s corporation with 185 joints in Malaysia apparently feels threatened by a little competition from the locals.  Instead of bullying the competition I suggest McDonald’s look to adapt its menu to meet the local tastes.  Let’s see, for starters, how about curried french fries? And a filet-o-fish head sandwich with peanut sauce.  I might also suggest a 6 piece McNuggets variety pack – of  chicken, lamb, duck, goose, mutton and squid with a choice of sauces including peanut, chutney, mint, shrimp or chili paste.

The new slogan should be, “have it your way at…” no wait, that’s Burger King.  My bad.  Talk about fast food imperialism.  The British based junk food conglomerate no doubt would like to reclaim its empire.

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