Al Franken Can Go To Work….Finally!

AlFranken_2009 by Jonathunder

Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License

After an automatic recount and an expensive court challenge launched by incumbent Norm Coleman, the Minnesota Supreme Court declared Al Franken the winner of the hotly contested Minnesota U.S. senate race.   Governor Pawlenty signed the election certificate, though he appeared to do so grudgingly as he showered praise on Norm Coleman calling him “an extraordinary leader and public servant” leaving out the fact that Coleman is also an extraordinarily sore loser.  Pawlenty half-heartedly congratulated Franken and wished him well, as if Franken were going off to a distant post never again to be seen.  Tim, you both serve the people of Minnesota.  Why not extend an olive branch as in the Jackson 5 song, I’ll Be There written by Berry Gordy et al. :

I’ll reach out my hand to you, I’ll have faith in all you do.  Just call my name and I’ll be there”

I tell you why the Governor would rather extend a slice of olive loaf to Franken than a helping hand – Pawlenty is running for President in 2012.   He is…alongside Bobby, Newt, Sarah, Mitt and Huck.

Minnesotans have been without full senate representation for nearly 6 months.  Finally, Senator Al Franken can go to work for the good people of the state of Minnesota who believe that he is good enough, smart enough and who doggone it, like him more than Norm.

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