Today Show Runs Jif Ad After PB Warning

Around 8:30 a.m, The Today Show on NBC warned the American public to avoid peanut butter in response to a nationwide outbreak of salmonella traced to a peanut factory in Georgia.  Immediately after the warning, the show went to a commercial break.  First commercial up:  Jif Peanut butter.  Immediately following the commercial break, pb weekend co-host Jenna Wolfe brought on Dr. Steven Lamm, an internist and member of the NYU Medical Center.  He warned of the dangers of eating any peanut butter and mentioned that there were little tubs of creamy peanut butter in the green room.  As he held up a single serve tub for viewers to see, an alarmed Wolfe shouted a warning to a  co-worker not to spread it on toast.

Later, in an interview with Gary Walters, former White House Chief Usher,  weekend co-host Lester Holt remarked that if the President wanted a jelly sandwich in the middle of the night, he could probably have one made.  It was almost as if Holt were going to say PB and J, but made a split second decision to leave out the PB.   Do people actually eat jelly sandwiches?  I’ve never heard of this, but maybe they do.


3 Responses

  1. Actually, no products from J.M. Smuckers Co. are being investigated. That includes “Jif” and other Smucker’s produced products.

  2. That may be, but I haven’t heard or read anything definitive that says Jif is safe. In an NY Times article this morning, Federal health officials caution consumers to avoid all peanut butter products until they learn more about the outbreak. While the article does say that most PB in jars sold in supermarkets appear to be safe, I wouldn’t chance it and prefer to wait until we get the green light. Check out the article at

  3. Yep. There was a disconnect there. A responsible show would have addressed the disconnect. A show that bows to their sponsors wouldn’t have addressed the disconnect, IMO.

    The pb recall also affects organic pb, and pb used in pet food:

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