MN Senate Race Frankly a Little Closer

The Senate race in Minnesota just got a little closer.  As of Friday, Norm Coleman’s lead over challenger Al Franken had dwindled to a mere 236 votes.  An AP article reports that a judge ruled against Coleman’s attempt to block 32 absentee ballots from Hennepin Country. Coleman disputed the ballots on the basis that they were not counted on election day or that they might not have been properly sealed.  As the ballots came from a county known to support Democrats, Coleman’s motives are fairly obvious.

The AP’s Brian Bakst reports that in an analysis of the 25,000 undervotes, defined as a ballot with a vote for a Presidential candidate, but no vote for a Senator, upwards of 18,000 were cast in counties won by Obama.  Another oddity is the fact that close to 9,000 ballots were cast only for the Senate race with no mark for President.  In this historic Presidential contest, to turn out and then not vote for President is inconceivable.  Are there 9,000 Minnesotans who only care about the Senate race?

These irregularities do not necessarily point to foul play, but they do raise serious questions about optical scanners, which are prone to malfunctions.  The scanners used in Minnesota apparently have the worst track record for accurately recording votes.

The recount should be interesting and I would not be the least bit surprised if Al Franken wins by a margin of over 2,000 votes.  And I hope he does!

Looks like a Shredder

Looks like a Shredder


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