Better Days Ahead

He’s not from a town called Hope but he inspires hope.  He inspired millions of Americans to participate in democracy for the first time.  He inspired millions to stand in long lines for hours to cast a vote, even in states like Massachusetts that were never in play.  Young and old, of all backgrounds united for a better future.  Si, Se Puede, y Qui, Nous Pouvons and we did!  President-elect Barack Obama!!  Finally, Better Days Ahead, a musical idea by The Pat Metheny Group I’d like to promote to replace the tired expression, Country First, which is a far better song than slogan.  Tap on the links and sample both!

What a brilliant campaign!  Competitive in all states, forcing McCain to spend money in his home state and in other previously reliable Red States just to stay viable.  McCain’s largest margins of victory came in the following states:   Oklahoma – 65.6%; Wyoming – 65.2%; Utah – 62.9%; Idaho and Alaska – 61.5%; Alabama – 60.4%; Arkansas – 58.8%; Louisiana – 58.6%; Kentucky – 57.5% and Nebraska – 57.3%.  Arizona did not break the top 10.

I hope the anti-Obama voter gives him a fair shake to show he is the President of all the people, not just residents of the United Blue States of America.  I am confident that his policies and leadership will bring about positive change here and abroad.  I am convinced better days are ahead.  Now is the time for all to get behind our President-elect.  Divided we fail and fall.

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